E.K.O Pass

European Kyokushin book.   (sometimes referred to as Euro Passport)   
This card is essential for you if you are competing in EKO run Europe and National competitions, if you do not have it you will not be allowed to compete be it Kumite or Kata.

Licensing Officer
 Jean-Phillipe Bazerque
all licence enquires

EKO Licencing Officer

EKO Asst Treasurer Gilbert Cleveringa

Assistant Treasurer
 Mr. Cleveringa)
all payments for Pass


What’s in the EKO PASS.?
The Blue book!  Has a multitude of uses for the student, within the book it has numerous pages with the following titles:
1.  Change of Grade
2.  Permission for Minors to Compete
3.  Medical Certificate
4.  Unfit to continue due to Knockout
5.  Instruction Courses
6.  Competitions  
7.  National competitions  (Individual)
8.  National competitions  (Team)
9.  International  (Individual)
10. International  (Team)
11. National referee's course
12. Examination for International Referee's

The Blue book!

What it provides!
These titles/lists provide a short statement that describes
when you achieved a grade, medical information, courses you have attended, competitions both national and International that you have participated in, and of course training camps and courses. This will not replace your own Countries Organisation grading book, unless your country decides to use it as such, the advantage to the book is that it will monitor your progression through your Kyokushin career with the different information pages. Lastly by being a member of the EKO and buying the book through your organisation it enables the EKO with the funding to run the organisation. 
SO GET YOUR BOOK TODAY from the EKO officials above. make sure you have your 2008 pass stickers now.  EKO 2009 can be ordered now from Asst. Treasurer

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